Malai paneer tikka: Indian cuisine

Welcome to Little Chef’s Apron! Today we’ll make something that is a delicious recipe from Indian cuisine. It includes ingredients that are very easy to find and doesn’t use a lot of spices.

The marination:

1 cup cut tofu/Paneer

1:1 ratio cashew and melon seeds

1 tablespoon cream

half cup hung curd

1 teaspoon salt

a pinch of paprika powder

1 tablespoon dried/Kasoori methi,

chopped vegetables of your choice

1:2 ginger garlic paste


. First peel the ginger garlic, chop the onions and capsicum and keep it aside.

Then add hung curd in a bowl.

It is very easy to make hung curd at home. All you have to do is take a bowl and place a strainer on top of it ,add the curd in the strainer and let it drain its extra water for 3 to 4 hours.

Then make a fine paste of ginger and garlic in a blender and add it to the curd mixture . To this add the thick paste of cashew and melon seeds and then add the cream.

To this add the Paneer and vegetables with a pinch of lemon juice .

Add salt and paprika powder .

Let this marinate for 10 minutes and meanwhile soak the skewer sticks in a glass of room temperature water. This will ensure that the sticks won’t burn.

Add the vegetable and Paneer alternately making sure that it doesn’t fall of the stick. Each stick should only have around three pieces of tofu as then it would be very hard to cook them.

Let it marinate for 10 minutes with the skewer. Now let’s move on to the assembly and cooking part.

Assembly and cooking:


Sliced onions for plating

a pinch of lemon juice

chopped coriander

A little bit of cucumber and carrot for carving.

1tbsp butter and 1 tbsp oil


First in a pan melt the oil and butter and mix it together ,once it starts to bubble up ,place the skewers in it.

I do two skewers at a time, you can do as much as you are comfortable with.

Let it cook on one side for 3 to 4 minutes on high flame then lower the flame as the oil gets hot.

Repeat this on both the sides and remove the skewers and transfer it in a plate.

You can also do this in an oven. But use the grill mode for 15 minutes.Keep checking them after 10 minutes to see if they are done or not as each oven’s temperature differs.

Once all the skewers are done, move onto the plating part . Here I have used two wine glasses for the decoration but you can use anything that you want.

Get as much as creative as you can in the plating part and as for my recipe I have taken a few sliced onions and put it inside the glass with some chopped coriander .

I lined the edge of the glass with some lemon juice and then dipped it in paprika powder .This creates a layer of red powder on the edge. I also carved a flower from carrot and cucumber. Placed this with the onions and then the skewers. After this ,serve it warm.

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