Authentic latte without machine

Welcome to Little Chef’s Apron! Today we’ll make something that is a delicious beverage that most of us think that only can be made in cafes. I here, am going to give you some nice tips and hacks that you can make a latte at home.

The latte:


1 tsp instant coffee powder

Sugar as per your taste

2-3 tsp water

1 cup milk


. First, add the milk in a pan and it n the stove.

. Then in a cup, add coffee and sugar.

. Make a smooth mixture of this by adding water.

. Then whisk the milk in a circular motion till it becomes frothy, like frothed milk.

. Make sure the milk is hot and foamy

. Now, pour the milk alongside the edge of the cup.

. Now, make sure that the white milk foam is on the top and in the centre.

. With the excess foam left in the pan, add a little coffee powder and then mix it.

. Now with this, get creative and make as many different designs as you can think of. Happy designing!!


13 thoughts on “Authentic latte without machine

    1. For me to make 1 latte, it takes 3-4 minutes. But as the milk starts heating you would notice a change in the texture. It would become foamy and when it is thick enough , remove it from the stove. Hope this helps.


              1. Yeah.. I agree there, so I tried for your recipe. Well, I’m a coffee person n’ I can judge a recipe or an ingredient in the coffee more productively. And your recipe was awesome! Try to post one more coffee recipe

                Liked by 1 person

              2. Ya ! Thank you for your appreciation Tanvi! Sure I will post more but I did post cappuccino cake earlier. I’m really glad to know that you are enjoying my blog!😀


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