Ghevar and rabdi- Indian dessert

Welcome to Little Chef’s Apron! Today we’ll make something that is a delicious dessert of western – north India! It’s a little time consuming but you will forget all about it when you taste it!

The rabdi:


2.5 cups full fat/cream milk

1/4 cup sugar

Chopped nuts

Flavouring( saffron, cardamom)


. Place the milk in a vessel on medium flame and keep stirring it.

. When it starts to thicken slightly, add in the sugar and nuts and the flavour.

. To make rabdi would take about 15 minutes. Soon it would start to get a colour of pale yellow.

When it gets thick , switch off the flame. When it cools down it will be the consistency of custard.

The ghevar:


1/2 cup all purpose flour/maida

Half of 1/4 cup melted ghee

1 1/4 cup cold water

Oil to fry


First, add the melted ghee in a blender jar and 1/4 th of the water. Blend it nicely and it should become as a consistency of an extremely thin ganache as the ghee solidifies with the cold water.

. Then add half of the flour in this and a bit of the water. Blend this till it becomes a smooth paste. To this , add the rest of the flour and water thoroughly.

. Transfer it to a bowl and take a heavy bottomed pan/ vessel.

. The size of how much you want your ghevar to be, add the oil accordingly. The bigger area that the oil takes , the bigger the ghevar is.

. Take a ladle to pour the mixture. The consistency should be something like this:

. Let the oil become hot enough but not smoking hot. Keep a distance from the oil , like about your palms height, and pour about a tsp of the batter in a circular motion, slowly.

. Once the bubbles fade away, add the batter once again, little by little.

. Maintain a hole in between with the help of this type of stick or a skewer.

. Repeat this 15 times and make sure that the flame is on low-medium.

. Keep moving the ghevar in the oil with the help of the stick. Remove it from the flame while draining the oil into a plate for it to cool down.



1/2 cup sugar

A little more than 1/4 cup water

Chopped nuts


. First, add the sugar and water in a pan and let the sugar dissolve in the water.

. Let the syrup cook till one string consistency is attained. Let it cool down completely.

. Soak the ghevar with this sugar syrup completely by drizzling the syrup over it.

. All the excess syrup would be drained out naturally so you just have to transfer it to another plate.

. Cover it with rabdi and garnish with chopped nuts.

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